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Medical Underwriting Questions and Answers

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: You just have to be 55 years of age or over.

Q: What if I have a pre-existing condition?

A: PrimeLink medical underwriting was created to accommodate people who have pre-existing conditions.

Q: Is this coverage world-wide?

A: Yes, our medical underwriting coverage is world-wide.

Q: If I have extended healthcare, will PrimeLink deduct anything from that if I put in a claim?

A: Not if it's $50,000 or less. If your extended healthcare if over $50,000, PrimeLink would co-ordinate a sum to be paid from it.

Q: What are the stability requirements with PrimeLink medical underwriting?

A: PrimeLink medical underwriting policies do not have any stability requirements.
Many travel insurance policies have "stability requirements" that mean if a traveller's medication or treatment changes any time within three month - sometimes as long as six months - before the time of travel, the affected condition will not be covered by the policy.

Q: Then PrimeLink's medical underwriting policies must have high deductibles.

A: No, our medical underwriting policies have a zero deductible.

Q: Then the rates must be extremely high.

A: No. Each policy is different because each is tailor made to a customer's specific health situation. Our customers have been surprised by how reasonable and affordable our medical underwriting policies are.

Q: Are there any conditions you won't cover?

A: Our medical underwriting will not cover any condition that is undergoing investigative testing.
For instance, a person - before their vacation - may have gone into the hospital with a panic attack and the doctors run tests on their heart. PrimeLink's medical underwriting cannot cover that person for anything related to a heart condition until those test results come in.
This person can still receive coverage for other conditions, so long as they aren't in the process of investigative testing.

Q: Travel insurance can be so complicated. How will I know if I have the coverage I need?

A: PrimeLink's medical underwriting is "Yes/No" coverage. Because each policy is designed individually for each traveler, there is no misunderstanding about whether one condition is covered, but another is not. You tell us what your conditions are, we write them into the policy - they are covered.

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