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You wouldn’t think a hernia could cause so much trouble. But that’s just what happened to Monica on her vacation in Hawaii. She and her husband Jonathan wisely purchased TIC’s Emergency Hospital & Medical for Canadians before they left on their trip.

Everything was going great, as vacations tend to do. Then on the forth day a large wave knocked Monica off her feet during her swim. She was hurt so her husband Jonathan took her to the hospital.

Doctors told Monica that she had a hernia. They recommended surgery. Unfortunately, she had just eaten a large lunch and the surgeon wanted to wait eight hours.

During this time TIC went into action, communicating with the hospital, arranging billing and faxing medical authorizations.

Jonathan was worried about his wife’s operation because she had just recently had a caesarian section. We wanted to make sure everything turned out okay so our medical consultant phoned throughout her hospital admission, asking for updates on Monica’s condition.

In the end, Jonathan happily reported that his wife’s surgery was a success. Doctors gave her a prescription for medication and urged her to avoid effort. Both Monica and Jonathan were impressed they had an insurance company that cared.

When they found out how much their bill was, they were ecstatic that they had bought TIC’s travel insurance. The total cost of the surgery and hospital stay was $11,145 Cdn.
We arranged for the hospital to bill us directly so Monica and Jonathan didn’t have to deal with that rather daunting amount of money. The hernia had already caused them enough grief, they didn’t need a financial headache on top