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A Typical Claims Example That Might Happen to You

The following outbound example shows how travel insurance products protect clients and their financial investment in the event of a mishap or a medical emergency abroad.

48-Year-Old Man: Brian Aneurysm

Massive Internal Bleeding Led to Coma and Multiple Surgeries
A 48-Year-old man travelled to Montana to visit friends. While there, he suffered a massive headache and lost consciousness. The man was rushed to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, which had ruptured causing a massive bleed requiring surgery. To speed his recovery, he was put into a medically induced coma. While in the hospital, the patient required a second surgery to drain fluid from his brain. After 22 days, One World Assist was able to air evacuate him back to his home province.
Hospital fees ———-$362,027.66
Physician fees ———-$56,007.14
Radiology fees ———-$7,140.28
Ambulance———- $10,253.67
Air evacuation ———–$10,884.38
Provincial medical plan contribution ———– (minus) $10,619.32
Amount covered by travel insurance ———– $436,693.81

(extracted from TRAVEL UNDERWRITERS newsletter inTUitive Q3/Q4 2012)

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