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Our Visitors to Canada emergency medical travel insurance is designed to meet all Super Visa requirements, and coverage can be renewed for the total duration of your visa.

This means that you can get excellent protection for everyone that’s important to you and the reassurance of knowing that your coverage can stay with you for your entire time in Canada.

Even if you are older than 89 years old, we can find visitors to Canada insurance coverage for you.

Here are eligibility requirements:

1.You must be a visitor to Canada, a person with a Canadian work visa or Super Visa, an
immigrant to Canada or a Canadian resident, who is not eligible for a provincial or territorial
government health insurance plan in Canada.

2. You must be at least 15 days of age on the date of purchase.

3. You must NOT be travelling against the medical advice of a physician and/or have been
diagnosed with a terminal illness. A terminal illness means that you have a medical condition
that is cause for a physician to estimate that you have less than 6 months to live or for which

4. You must NOT have a kidney disease requiring dialysis.

5. You must NOT have Congestive Heart Failure, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency
Syndrome) or require the use of home oxygen.

6. You must NOT be experiencing new or undiagnosed symptoms and/or know of any reason
to seek medical attention.

– $500 deductible (automatic) for Age 86 or over

–  No coverage for any Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Need more information? Contact info@biis.ca or
Call us toll free : 1-888-298-6526