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What is it?

Earthquake Deductible Buyback (EDB) insurance is coverage for Earthquake Deductibles. This insurance is available through Bridges International Insurance Services, for properties located in British Columbia.
The perfect solution for High Earthquake Deductibles

How it works:

An average earthquake deductible is 5%, 8%, 10% or even 15%. This means that your earthquake deductible is equal to that percentage of what your home is insured for.

You may ask: Why would I buy earthquake insurance if my deductible is so high? The reason is that coverage is there for large or total losses. In the event of an earthquake, you may be avoiding bankruptcy by purchasing earthquake coverage.

In an example of a Million Dollar House with all of its additional coverages, a 10% deductible equates to $200,000. 

Question: Can you afford the earthquake deductible?

For example, a dwelling insured at $500,000 with a 10% earthquake deductible will have a $50,000 earthquake deductible applied to restore/repair the building if a claim is made for earthquake damage. If a policy holder chooses to have EDB coverage, then the earthquake deductible will be paid by that policy, up to the limit purchased, subject to only a $1,000 deductible.
Earthquake Deductible
Buy-Back Insurance
Earthquake deductible buy-back coverage is available for all lines of business.

Homeowners Coverage:
You can purchase this coverage in order to protect your homes and personal property.

Business Coverage:
Business owners can also protect themselves in the event of a large or total loss due to an earthquake.

Condo & Strata Deductibles:
In addition to covering the contents, ALE, and Improvements EQ deductible, this policy can include the remaining strata loss assessment coverage made necessary for an earthquake deductible of the Building Strata. All of this is available when Earthquake Coverage is triggered on the required underlying insurance policies.

For any questions, updated rates or comments related to our Earthquake Deductible Buyback product, please email us. Additional Coverage for $500,000 is available now.

Items to remember:

o Most locations qualify for coverage as long as you carry Earthquake coverage on your Primary policy.

o One location per contract therefore if you own multiple locations, discuss with us how many policies you should purchase.

We live in an area of the world where Earthquake Coverage is necessary.

Every Insurance company is going to apply a separate deductible to earthquake coverage.
In other words, your standard home insurance deductible does not apply in the event of an earthquake loss. Are you prepared?

Don’t spend your savings on a deductible!

 Ask Bridges International Insurance Services for details.
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