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Are you a home inspector in BC? Then you need to home inspectors insurance that meets the consumer protection agency BC’s requirements.

Here are insurance requirements. To qualify for a home inspector licence under the Regulation, all licensees must demonstrate that they have obtained and maintain both professional (E&O) and comprehensive general liability (CGL) insurance that meets all of the following requirements:

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Consumer Protection BC Policy – Policy on Home Inspector Insurance Requirements

• The E&O and CGL insurance must each have a minimum of $1 million occurrence/limit/aggregate coverage.
• The named insured must be the individual licensee (home inspector), not the business name.
• The minimum of $1 million limit/aggregate coverage must be assigned to, and reserved solely for, the individual licensee.
• Water ingress must not be excluded.
• The insurance must be issued by an authorized insurance company regulated by the Financial Institutions Commission of BC under the Financial Institutions Act or be regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.
• The full amount of insurance coverage (subject to the home inspector’s deductible) must be underwritten by an authorized insurance company.
• The rights to any and all benefits under the policy must be non-discretionary.
• Claims must be adjudicated by the insurance company (or by an authorized agent of the insurance company) and be non-discretionary.

You need to submit Home Inspector Insurance Declaration:

Applicants must indicate to the Director that they have and maintain, as a requirement of licensing, the necessary insurance coverage to protect against errors, omissions, personal and property damage. This includes the following:

Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Coverage: $1 million occurrence/limit/aggregate

Commercial General Liability Coverage: $1 million occurrence/limit/aggregate Insurance certificates must cover common issues to home inspections in BC including water ingress.

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