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Now it is time for Golf Tournaments!

You need a Hole In One insurance for a prize!

  • Prize value starting from $2,500 up to $1,000,000.-
  • Hole lengths from 125 yards.
  • Basically amateurs only but Pros may be added.
  • Additional 15% prize value available for charity plan

Additional Charity & Advertisement Programs

Weather Related                            Sports Records
Dice Toss                                         Casino Related
Rubber Duck Races                       Hockey Goal In One/Rapid Fire
Paper Airplane Toss                       Computer Related
Scratch and Win                               Roll the Rim
Fishing(Tagged/Weight/Records)  Horse Racing
Envelope Draw                              Billiards
All Number Games                        Royal Flush, Poker Run & Card Games
Toonie Toss                                    Hot Air Balloon Contests
Sports Scores                                 Curling
Bingo                                               Shooting or Archery
Internet Contests                           Auto Dealer Key Programs

Design your Own Program is possible up to $1,000,0000

Please let us know, what we can do (Prize Indemnity)