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Just because you have a pre-existing medical conditions doesn’t mean you have to travel without coverage. TIC’s medical underwriting program offers flexibility because we underwrite each individual based on his or her own set of medical conditions.

Most companies group you into categories. For example, they might put everyone with a heart condition in category A. If something happens while on vacation and you make a claim, the company then checks to see if you can be covered. In other words, you’re not entirely sure what you’re covered for.

Our medical underwriting program is different. We cover each person individually and state explicitly what he or she is covered for. When you travel, you know exactly what you’re getting.

That’s not all we do better. We give travellers the choice of which conditions they want covered. For example, if you have a heart condition and arthritis, we can offer you coverage for both of these conditions, one of these conditions, or neither of these conditions. We think it’s better to work with the customer individually by offering more choice and better prices.