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As the weather brightens and the days get longer, many students put away their books and take out their suitcases. The Canadian Federation of Students has over half a million members throughout the country, many of whom travel on school trips, reading week breaks and family visits.

Students can financially protect themselves from medical emergencies with our Emergency Hospital & Medical insurance for Canadians. They are covered for up to $2 million for emergency hospitalization and medical services, and $3,000 toward transportation for a family member or friend, so worried parents can be by their side during recovery when required. Of course students are also covered for emergency dental expenses, the return of a travelling companion and emergency transportation.

International students studying in Canada can receive up to $500,000 coverage for sickness or injury occurring in Canada including ambulance charges, rental of crutches or wheelchairs, and the services of a licensed physiotherapist. They are also covered for the costs of returning home due to an insured sickness or injury, dental emergencies and an annual eye examination.

Young people often think that travel insurance is better for older travelers like their parents. The truth is that insurance is a good idea for anyone travelling outside of where they normally reside. Students already have enough financial pressures in their young lives. They don’t need the stress of exorbitant hospital and medical bills as well.

For more information about travel insurance for students, visit our web site at http://www.biis.ca/e/study.html