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If you enjoy activities like biking, snowboarding, sailing or backpacking, you are not alone.

A recent Canadian Tourism Commission report called almost five and a half million Canadians’soft outdoor adventure enthusiasts’. Activities that rated high withCanadians included wilderness hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing,cycling and kayaking.

During spring break many students and younger Canadians find themselves drawn to these kinds of activities in the United States and other destinations.
Of course, outdoor adventure always carries risk. Provincial medical plans cover only a fraction of medical expenses, and most foreign hospitals and doctors routinely charge thousands of dollars a day. ~We~re finding that these costs add up very quickly for travellers unfortunate enough to end up ina hospital, said Cecile Langlois, national director of claims and travel assistance for TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd.

Canadian travellers should always carry emergencyhospital and medical travel insurance. ~We cover recreational activities like skiing, hiking, camping and rock climbing, so students and travellers seeking adventure in other countries don~t have to worry about unexpected medical bills,~said Natalie Dupuis, TIC~s vice~president of product.

Students travelling witha group of three or more people and participating inamateur sport tournaments or activities can get coverage under TIC~s Group Sports Plan.

Finally, for those adventure~seekers under the age of 30 who are thinking about that big back packing trip across Europe or Asia, the YouthAdventure Package Plan makes perfect sense. Youthtravellers receive $5 million hospital and medical coverage as well as benefits covering lost or stolen baggage or trip interruption.

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