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Summer is over but that’s all right. Let’s get ready for your winter vacation.

Here are some tips from CBC US-bound Canadian Snowbirds. 
Q.How long can Canadians stay in the U.S.? 
A. Maximum 182 days during a 12 month period.

Q. How long can a Canadian stay in the U.S. without paying U.S. taxes?
A.  The America Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a form that may allow you to spend the full 182 days in the U.S. without paying U.S. income tax.  Please refer to Substantial Presence Test of IRS to see if you’re deemed to be a U.S. resident for tax purposes.

Q. How long can snowbirds be away from Canada and keep their provincial health insurance?
A. B.C., Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia require at least five months of residence in the province to maintain your eligibility. Newfoundland and Labrador requires four months. Some provinces allow longer absence when pre-approved.

Q. What are the rules for snowbirds buying supplemental travel health insurance?
A. The key is to know your health and understand the exclusions of coverage including limitations on pre-existing conditions.

Q. How can snowbirds maintain their home insurance coverage in Canada while they are away?
A. It depends the individual policy. Some insurers require policy holders to have someone competent to regularly check the property.

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