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With the Strength of the Loonie – trips across the boarder just got cheaper!

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians took 3.3 million trips across the border to the US in August, up 7.9 percent from July. The average exchange rate for the month of August was around 0.91 USD. With exchange rates now even higher, on average 0.95 USD during October, trips to the US are sure to be popular this winter.

Many of your friends may be planning:

• Cross-border shopping trips
• Sun destination vacations
• Bargain getaways
• Family visits over the holidays

With more trips across the border anticipated over the coming months, take the time to remind your friends about:

• Passport regulations – since June 1st 2009, passports are a requirement at the border • Travel insurance – did you know US hospital costs can exceed $10,000 a day?

If Canadians are travelling, then travel insurance is going to be in the cards. No matter what type of trip your clients are planning. Events including the global pandemic H1N1 are increasing consumer awareness about travel insurance. Make sure to ask your clients about their upcoming travel plans. As always, I look forward to your questions and feedback.

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