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Do you have a friend or a family member coming to visit you in Canada?

If “YES”, you may want to look for Travel Insurance for them.  “Canada does not pay for hospital or medical services for visitors”(1).
Many Canadians are unaware of real medical costs in Canada as publicly funded healthcare system covers essential care for individuals who are enroll in.
The following chart is an example of medical cost(2).

Cost Sample-Two days hospitalization for severe food poisoning

Yes, it is expensive.  If you’re a visitor to Canada, total cost will be $8,769(Canada Average).  Even if you’re enrolled in Provincial Health Care, you still are responsible for some costs. 
 The choice is yours.  We hope you make a good decision to protect your financial security. 
 Need more information? Contact info@biis.ca
See for visitors plan details: https://www.biis.ca/visitors-to-canada-insurance/

(1) Government of Canada
(2) By courtesy of our partner RSA Travel Insurance. Based on the past industry research.