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Eligible Risks:

• Advertising Agencies
• Bookkeepers
• Collection Agents
• Claims Adjusters
• Employment Agencies
• Event Planners
• Graphic Designers
• Interior Designers
• Land Surveyors
• Management Consultants
• Marketing Consultants
• Non-Destructive Testing Firms
• Property Management
• Safety Consultants
• Travel Agents
• And various other Professionals
– Ask us for eligibility

Any risks involved in Information Technology can be referred to our specific I.T. Professionals Program.

Refer to our underwriter for details.
One Person firms to nationals
Competitive Rates
– Min. Premium $850 for package GL and E&O
Policy Features: Errors & Omissions
• Limits options of $250,000 up to $5,000,000
• E&O insurance is intended to cover two basic risks:
• the financial loss of a third party arising from the failure of the the professional product/service
to perform as intended or expected,
• the financial loss of a third party that arises from an act, error or omission committed in the course
of the professionals performance of services for a third party
• World-wide Coverage, subject to suits brought in Canada or the USA
• Delay in the performance of a contract (due to wrongful act)
• First dollar defense coverage (deductible does not apply to defense costs)
• Automatic 30 day Extended Reporting Period, and option to extend further at Premiers discretion
• Broad definition of insured including contract employees
• Claims-made policy. The Retroactive Date can be ‘back dated’ if proof of prior insurance is provided
(with no gaps in coverage) at Premiers discretion
Policy Features: CGL
• Limits options of $1million up to $5 million
• Section A – Bodily Injury and Property Damage
• Section B – Personal Injury and Advertising Injury
• Section C – Medical Payments
• Section D – Tenant’s Legal Liability
• Occurrence based policy with Products/Completed Operations Aggregate
• World-wide Coverage, subject to suits brought in Canada or the USA
• Additional Coverage
• Non-owned Auto, S.E.F. No. 94,96,99
• Employee’s Benefits Errors and Omissions
• Tenant’s Legal Liability – Broad Form
Note: Please refer to the specific policy form referenced in a quotation for proper interpretation of the above stated coverage.  This is not a policy but it is intended to provide a general overview of the Miscellaneous Professionals Program.