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Take, for example, the case of a 55 year old Travel Underwriters claimant from Lynton, Alberta. While working at his winter home in Mesa, Arizona, he amputated three fingers with a band saw and required immediate emergency medical attention. He was rushed by ambulance to the local Valley Lutheran Hospital, where medical staff performed surgery to reattach his fingers.

His travel insurance plan covered the cost of surgery, his three-day stay in the hospital afterwards, as well as the ambulance service and necessary prescriptions upon release. Not only were the medical expenses covered, his Travel Underwriters insurance policy also covered the $1,600 return of his vehicle by a commercial agency to Canada, since he was unable to drive back. The total claim amount was in excess of $39,000 USD, with only $400 CAD being covered by his government health insurance.

A claim example like this is a perfect way to understand the concrete value and peace of mind that comes with purchasing travel insurance.

Looking for a few more claims examples? It will come. Meantime, please take a look at the Travel Insurance site. That would give you an idea about cost of the Travel Insurance.

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