Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property is your asset and should be protected by the insurance. You need financial protection for your business income, accounts receivable, assets, expenses, stocks, and profits. You can transfer the financial risk to property insurance. And also you can protect your business from crime including employee fraud. We are good at finding the most suitable coverage for your business anywhere in BC. Apartment building insurance is our specialty.

Commercial property insurance is a very important contract to protect your tangible business assets. When you own or lease lands, buildings, a part of building space, equipment, furniture, valuable documents, stocks (inventory) and whatever you have interests on requiring protection against fire, theft, smoke, water, and vandalism. Usually your lease contract stipulate conditions of property insurance.

Commercial property insurance provides protection for a wide range of properties, such as buildings, vacant lands, equipment, supplies, fixture, betterments and improvements, outdoor signs, fencing, landscaping and anything that business owns or leases, and it comes with commercial general liability. 

Type of Commercial Property Insurance

Property is insured mainly in 2 ways.

A. All Risks
B. Named Perils

Here are details;

All Risks Commercial Property Insurance

All risks policy, as its name implies, covers all the causes of loss not specifically excluded in the policy. Common exclusions are earthquakes, floods, wear and tear, nuclear incidents, acts of terrorism and war. However adding various riders and endorsements could cover some of exclusions. In general, earthquakes, floods and sewer-back ups could be covered with additional costs.

Named Perils Commercial Property Insurance

Named perils policy, as it says, requires the actual perils that have caused loss to be listed in the policy. The common perils included in this policy would be fire, lightning, explosion and sometimes theft. You need to check the list of perils. Yet, cost of insurance would be lower than all risks due to a limited number of perils.

Would you know how your property is valued?

Replacement Cost

Replacement Cost represents the amount required to replace or rebuild the damage to your business property with materials of similar kind and quality, without deduction for any depreciation.

Actual Cash Value

Actual Cash Value represents the amount needed to repair or rebuild the damage to your property after deduction for depreciation. It would be also the fair market value of property taking into account factors that might augment or reduce the value of the property in question. Depreciation usually means reduction in value of property through use, ageing, deterioration and obsolescence.

We are specialized in risk management for business in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and anywhere in BC. Whether your business is operating in an office, store, salon, restaurant, factory, warehouse or any buildings, we are here to transfer financial risk away from you.

Commercial property insurance is another part of business risk management. We will work with you to make a lean and optimal plan.

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