Commercial General Liability Insurance

risk management with commercial general liability insurance that requires balance of cost, effort and risk.

Commercial general liability insurance is sometimes called CGL and essential to your business, and also to yourself if you are a sole proprietor or in a partnership. Commercial general liability provides protections against financial loss incurred by litigation due to property damage, bodily injuries or death caused by your services, operations and your employees. Lawsuits happen all the time against businesses. Slip and fall incidents at business premises, such as restaurants and retail stores, are often brought to a lawsuit.

Whether you are legally liable or not, the insurer of commercial general liability insurance would have duty to defend you against a lawsuit. The defense cost is usually included with the insurance policy. CGL would be first defense for your business and yourself. That is why CGL is a most common risk management tool against liability suits.

Components of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Most of CGL insurance policy consists of 4 sections of coverage:

A. Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
B. Personal and Advertising Liability
C. Medical Payments
D. Tenants’ Legal Liability

Here are details;

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

In the event that your business operations, your products or services, your employees or for that matter anything related to your business result in bodily injury to someone, or someone’s property damage, your business or you could be legally liable. In that instance, the business is required to pay the damaged or injured third party compensation.

There are following exclusions but not limited to:

- Expected or Intended Injury
- Contractual Liability
- Workers’ Compensation and Similar Laws
- Employer’s Liability
- Aircraft or Watercraft
- Automobile
- Damage to your Property / Work / Product
- Impaired Property or Property not physically insured
- Recall of Products, Work or Impaired Property
- Violation of Any Law as to Age
- Electric Data
- Personal and Advertising Injury
- Personal Services
- Abuse
- Asbestos, Fungi or Spores
- Nuclear Energy Liability, Pollution, Terrorism, War Risks

Some of exclusions could be covered with endorsements.

Personal and Advertising Injury Liability

This coverage protects you against lawsuits arising from your or your employees’ actions causing damage to reputation or character of a third party.

These personal and advertising injury usually means injury, including consequential bodily injury, arising our of more of the following offenses:

  • False arrest, detention or imprisonment
  • Malicious prosecution
  • The wrongful eviction from, wrongful entry into, or invasion of the right of private occupancy of a room, dwelling or premises that a person occupies, committed by or on behalf of its owner, landlord or lessor
  • Oral or written publication, in any manner, of material that slanders or libels a person or organization or disparages a person’s or organization’s goods, products or services
  • Oral or written publication, in any manner, of material that violates a person’s right of privacy
  • The use of another’s advertising idea in your advertisement
  • Infringing upon another’s copyright, trade dress or slogan in your advertisement

As you can see this coverage is important to protect your business and your assets.

Medical Expenses

The insurer pays medical expenses of a third party for bodily injury caused by an accident due to your operations. The payment would be made regardless of fault. The medical expenses would mitigate possibility of legal liability of the insured.

Tenants’ Legal Liability

When you are leasing or renting premises from the landlord, you are responsible for property damage to the landlords’ property. The tenants’ legal liability coverage defends action against you to recover the cost of repair or replacement of the property. This applies only to property damage to premises of others rented or occupied by you.

The limit of coverage corresponds to space of premises you lease or rent. For example, if the space you lease were 500 sq./ft., the limit would not be over $1,000,000 because then replacement cost of the space would be $2,000 per square feet, which would not be realistic.

Sometimes your landlord, clients, business partners or the government require commercial or comprehensive general liability insurance. We will find the best coverage needed for your business. You may need liability insurance certificate to proceed with your business, let us issue it in a timely manner. We offer coverage to the businesses in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario and Metro Vancouver, BC.

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