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“I don’t need travel insurance. I already have coverage with my credit card!”
Sound familiar?

This is a common excuse many travellers have for not buying travel insurance. While their credit card travel coverage may be free, it often just doesn’t cut it.

Travel Underwriter’s Product Specialists have compared some of Canada’s leading reward credit card providers’ emergency medical coverage. Here are some features that stood out:

Pre-existing condition stability periods:   
Some of these credit cards have pre-existing condition coverage, but their stability periods can’t compete. Travel underwriters’ competitive stability periods let us protect more of the customers, more often.

No penalty for waiting to notify assistance company*
Travel Underwriters puts the customers first, protecting them when they need it most. They don’t penalize travellers for waiting to notify them when something’s gone wrong. With the cards compared, travellers must call immediately before receiving care, leaving them vulnerable in a medical emergency.

Coverage for scuba** and more
Travel Underwriters’ insurance will provide coverage for fun ways to unwind including scuba diving**. This allows your customers to take the vacations they want.

The product you buy has the right coverage, with higher limits and more options, ensuring you feel protected on their travels.

Bridges International Insurance Services is an agent of Travel Underwriters.