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BIIS’s construction products are specifically designed to meet the needs of project owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers.

Builder’s Risk (COC) coverage insures against all-risks of loss or damage to new and existing physical property. BIIS’s comprehensive policy, flexible terms and conditions, and broad set of coverage extensions will help to ensure that your next project is properly covered. Construction Liability coverage includes Wrap-up, Project Specific E&O, CGL, and OLT, depending on the form of coverage you need.

Coverage Highlights:
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Frame construction limits to $25,000,000

Non-combustible and Fire-resistive limits to $50,000,000
Transit and Off-site coverage included
All Risks Comprehensive coverage form
Broad Named Insured clause included
Soft Costs and Delay of Opening coverage available
Inflation Protection, By-Laws, Fees, all available
Equipment Breakdown coverage available
Wrap-up Liability

Limits to $50,000,000
Broad Additional Insured clause included
Completed Operations period up to 24 months
Limited Pollution coverage available
Forest Fire Fighting Expense coverage available
Construction Liability

Project Specific E&O Liability
Limits to $25,000,000

CGL and OLT Liability
Limits to $10,000,000

Target Business:

Commercial Projects, all occupancies

Residential Projects, including: Condos, Townhomes, Homes

Mixed Use Projects, Commercial & Residential

Civil Infrastructure Projects, including: Bridges, Roads, Pipelines, Utilities

Remediation & Renovation Projects
Projects Already Started
Builders Programs, Blanket Coverage

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