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Small Residential

*  Up to 4-plex in size
*  An easy to use self-rate for risks up to $2 million in value

Project Already Started…No problem.

Unlike most carriers, we will consider new business where the project has already started.
Large Wood Frame Construction Projects (up to $50 million)

*  Large Multi-family residential projects, resorts, townhouse developments, etc.
NEW – High-rise construction facility (our line $100 million)

*  High-rise construction, large industrial projects, or infrastructure projects.
Renovation Projects – large and small

*  From home renovations to large commercial building conversions.
Blanket Policies for Homebuilders

*  For homebuilders building 5 homes a year or 500 homes a year.
Liability Products

*  Premises Liability for owners
*  CGL – project specific
*  CGL – annual for homebuilders
*  Wrap-up Liability Product (limits up to $50 million)