Travel Insurance for seniors with pre existing conditions

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** This insurance coverage is for Canadian Residents only.

Affordable emergency travel insurance for seniors to out of province or out of country.

Medical Underwriting

Have you been denied travel medical insurance because of a pre-existing condition?
PrimeLink medical underwriting has the policy for you. Learn more about it in our Q & A section.

Who can apply?

This is travel insurance for seniors. Anyone over the age of 60, even if you have pre existing conditions.

How does it work?

PrimeLink’s travel insurance for seniors designs policies individually for travellers who have pre existing conditions. They could offer coverage to almost anyone 60 years of age or older. It’s all about your situations, not your age group, or category of health issues.

Did you know...

Flexible Plans:

  • $0 deductible with options available to reduce your premium
  • Single trip plans to cover your trip up to 212 days

Unbeatable Service:

  • Assistant available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Multilingual interpreters to communicate with foreign countries
  • Covered expenses paid directly, whenever possible
  • Arrangement of return to a Canadian hospital, if necessary

What’s covered?:

  • Expenses for emergency medical attention
  • Expenses for ambulance transportation
  • Expenses for emergency dental treatment
  • Paramedical services
  • Expenses to bring someone to your bedside
  • Expenses related to your death
  • Expenses to return your vehicle home
  • Expenses to bring you home

For a detailed description of plan and coverage, please refer to the policy wording.

travel insurance for seniors

Customer service we are proud of. It’s our policy!

  • Your rate would be classified with Rate Category A+, A, B or C according to your answers to the questionnaire, age and pre-existing conditions. Please see the travel insurance application for details.

PrimeLink Universal Rates for Age 60 and Over

Multi-trip Emergency Medical and Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plans are available.

PrimeLink Universal Rates

Important: All rates and policy wording are subject to change without notice.

Important Notes

  • For a detailed description of plan highlights and coverage, please refer to the policy wording.
  • Rates: Primelink Universal $5 million in coverage.PrimeLink Universal Travel Insurance is pleased to provide as an additional value-added service Medical Concierge Services to you when traveling to the U.S.
  • IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, CALL THE ASSISTANCE CENTRE IMMEDIATELY 1 877-251-4464 toll-free from the USA and Canada +1 (519) 251-7800 collect to Canada from anywhere else in the world.
    Our Assistance Centre is there to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Please note that if you do not call the Assistance Centre in an emergency and prior to treatment, you will have to pay 20% of the eligible medical expenses we would normally pay under this policy. If it is medically impossible for you to call, please have someone call on your behalf.