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Against the law. Illicit Unlawful, prohibited.

Illicit Trade

In marine insurance, trade which is unlawful by the laws of the country where the cargo is destined.


A disease or ailment that seriously affects the genera soundness and healthfulness of one’s system.

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Not pertinent, without weight.

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Immediate Cause

The cause which directly produces the result or event. Distinguished from “proximate” in that the proximate cause (that which directly and efficiently brings about the result) may not be immediate, e.g., if a drunken man falls into the water and drowns, his intoxication is the proximate cause of his death, but the immediate cause of death is suffocation by drowning.

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Without delay. The word “immediately” and ”forthwith” convey the same meaning. These are stronger than expression “within a reasonable time” or “as soon as is practicable” and imply prompt, vigorous action without any delay.

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Immigrant’s Bond

Bond guaranteeing an alien will not become a public charge.

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On the point of happening.

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Imminent Peril

Under humanitarian doctrine, means certain, immediate, and impending. That position of danger to the plaintiff in which, if the existing circumstances remain unchanged, injury to him is almost certain.

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Opposite of good morals.

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Exemption from certain obligations which the law generally requires others to perform.

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To weaken, diminish, or otherwise affect in an injurious manner.