Group Plan

Group travel insurance covers your club, school and college teams.

Does your group play outside of your Province or Canada?

Do you know your Provincial Health Coverage does not provide enough coverage for Emergency Medical cost out of Province or Canada?

Get covered, accidental injury or sickness happen anytime.

Let us help provide the coverage up to 10 million emergency medical.

Emergency Medical Group Plan, Visitors to Canada Plan and Trip Cancellation Plan

Commercial General Liability Insurance

We offer a premium discount on groups of 10 and more depending on the plan, age, group size and activities. Group travel insurance is available from a few days to 365 days for various organizations such as;

  • Educational Institutions
  • Professional Associations
  • Religious or Cultural Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Summer Camps

Important Notes

  • All member of the group must be insured for the same travel dates and coverage.
  • If sports involved, amateur groups only.
  • Available only to Canadian residents covered by provincial or territorial government health insurance plan (GHIP) for the full period of coverage.

Please fill out a quote request form, and fax (Toronto 416-967-6262, Vancouver 604-331-1042) or  to us. We will return with the quote. Thank you.