How to fill PDF forms and use E-signature by Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

  1. Download free adobe Acrobat Reader DC (
  2. Download PDF forms you would like to fill in and sign, and open them with Acrobat Reader DC
  3. Click on “Tools” on the top-left:
  4. Select “Fill&Sign”:
  5. From the Fill&Sign menu on the top, click  for fill in your forms, or  for your signature:
  6. [E-signature] Click “Add Signature” from drop-down menu under :
  7. [E-signature]
    1. Type your name, choose your style, and click “Apply”:,
    2. Click “Draw”, draw your signature, and click “Apply”: or
    3. Click “Image”, upload image (JPEG format and etc) of your signature, and click “Apply”:

    We recommend the above Option B. or C. for the authenticity of the signature.

  8. [E-signature] Your E-signature is available in drop-down menu under :

Important Note

[E-signature] is for your private computer use only. Do not let others use your signature. Do not use it with a public computer.