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Insurance is there to help you when the unexpected happens; especially for those all fit young people with no previous medical illnesses who had no reason to believe that they would need hospital care during their vacation.
Travel Insurance covers many eventualities. If your flight is cancelled and you are stranded or if your bag is missing and you are in a strange place without even a toothbrush, the insurance will help to defray your expenses. Most importantly, travel insurance is the Health Care Insurance for you for while you are out of the country.
If you are taken ill or injured in a foreign country and you do not have travel insurance, you are an uninsured patient and may have trouble getting care.
One of the features that is always included in travel insurance is Evacuation Insurance, which covers the cost of you being transported to a good medical center close to your accident or where you were taken ill. It also covers the expense of getting you home after treatment has reached that point that you are ready to travel.

Travel Insurance is surprisingly inexpensive and for a young person may be as little as $40 for a three week vacation. It is advised that you purchase this before you leave home. Whatever insurance you have, keep the details of the policy and call center number with you at all times. I hope you have a wonderful trip and do not need any medical services, but it is best to plan for all eventualities.

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