Life Insurance Metro Vancouver BC

You can consult with a Financial Advisor for your needs

Life Insurance is an integral part of your financial planning. In the event of death, you may need to:

-Pay final expenses
-Pay debts
-Provide income for your family
-Leave legacy to your family or your favorite charity
-Pay tax and conserve estates

Death always comes unexpectedly, that is why you need to plan ahead. Those are what Life Insurance for. Life Insurance provides tax free benefit to your loved ones!

Term Insurance

Term Insurance provides temporary protection for a certain period of time. You can consider if you have temporary financial needs such as:

-Income replacement
-Any other temporary need

Permanent Insurance 

Permanent Insurance provides lifetime long protection. There are mainly three types of permanent Insurance options.

  • Participating whole life
    Level premium provides protection for lifelong peace of mind, depending on the performance of investment in the pool; death benefit and cash value may increase.
  • Non-Participating whole life
    Level premium provides lifetime protection of leveled death benefit.
  • Universal life
    Combination of whole life and investments. You can take advantage of tax deferred and life insurance and maximize your estate growth.

Please contact our Financial Advisors for details.

Those who are prepared will help your legacy and loved ones.