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Travelling this March Break?  Even if it’s only for a week, accident can happen.

According to RSA Travel Insurance, medical expenses in sun destinations could be thousands of dollars. Below is an example. 

She’s a 22-year-old university student. She made her way to sun destinations during March Break. As a budget traveller, purchasing travel insurance was not her priority. Unfortunately, a wet pool-side deck caused a twisted knee and severely sprained wrist.

Here’s the average cost for hospital two nights stay, meedications, physician, ambulance, incidentals(meals), and repatriation(seat grade up to provide extra leg room).

– Punta Cana(Dominican Republic)  $6,935
– Acapulco(Mexico)           $7,780
– Cancun(Mexico)             $8,225 
– Florida(United States)   $35,020
Total Cost: $6,935 (Punta Cana)- $35,020(Florida)

If she purchased travel insurance at $25, the cost would be down to $0.

If you’re thinking of hitting the beach, consider buying travel insurance. When purchasing, check your policy wording especially exclusion clause.

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Source:RSA Travel Insurance