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Medical expenses in United States are notorious for being astronomical figures. 
But, do you really know how much it cost you?

Insurance Company RSA Travel Insurance is disclosing medical cost you’ll be billed if not covered with travel insurance. Those numbers are persuasive as they’re based on the real claims.

Case A – She’s 42 years old. While driving with her friend in US, she runs a stop sign resulting in whiplash and a broken arm. 

Here’s the cost breakdown.
-Hospital Stay for 3 days from $12,900(Buffalo) to $29,100(Detroit)
-Physician from2,000(Buffalo) to $4,400(Detroito)
-Ambulance average $1,000
-Incidentals(meals, accomodations for her friend, etc.) about $1,500
TOTAL COST $17,400 – $36,000

If she purchased travel insurance at $32, the cost would be $0.

Case B – He’s is a healthy active young man residing in Manitoba. He travels to top ski destinations around the world. Despite he’s a good skier, he breaks is leg during a ski trip.

Here’s the average cost for hospital one night stay, cast medications, physician, ambulance, incidentals(meals), and repatriation.

Canada out of home province(*)  $1,400
Zermatt, Switzerland    $13,300
Killington, VT               $27,800
 Aspen, CO                  $55,700
Squaw Valley, CA         $67,900

TOTAL COST RANGE FROM $1,400-$67,900.
With purchase of travel insurance at $25-35, the cost would be down to $0.

Now we’re on the same page. It’s no use crying over split milk. Protect yourself & enjoy your trip!Need to know more? Contact us: info@biis.ca

Source:RSA Travel Insurance Inc.

(*) Average of Whilstler, BC and Mont-Tremblant, QC