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Maybe it’s our reputation for being polite, conscientious travellers. Moreand more countries are targeting Canadians according to a report issued by the Conference Broard of Canada.

The repot showed that outbound travel in Canada is up nealy 10% since 2004, even after scares like 9/11, SARS and wars. Part of the increase in travel could be due to shifting Canadian demographics, as Canadian travellers are getting older. Canadians over 50 make travel a strong priority in their lives and they certainly aren’t afraid to leave the country.

“A decade ago, courtiers like China, Vietnam and South Africa were not actively marketing themselves in Canada as tourist destinations,” states the report. Now more than 100 countries target the Canadian outbound leisure market.

Canada also remains a popular destination for international travellers as well. The World Economic Forum recently ranked Canada as one of the top ten best nations to visit. Their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index gave us high scores for transportation infrastructure, health and education.

Who leaves Canada?

Yes, apparently some people do leave our fine country for greener pastures. A Stats Canada report shows that only one person out of every 1000 actually leaves Canada to make a life elsewhere – quite a low number. Of those who leave, most don’t return. But this is changing. Most people who leave are coming back.

For those who return to Canada, TIC’s Global Expatriate Hospital & Medical Plan covers them while they wait for their provincial medical health plan to activeate.

So who leaves Canada?
The typical person is:

・ Living in Canada during a recession or period of economic stagnation.
・ Aged 25- 34
・ Living in a city or urban area
・ Makes over $100,000 a year

The study also noted that Francophone Quebecers had by far the lowest departure rates, while Anglophone Quebecers had the highest.

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