Mortgage Insurance

How should you insure your mortgage?

Following is a list of things to consider when deciding whether to insure your mortgage with the bank or as part of your personal insurance plan.

ConsiderBankPersonal Plan
Can the insurer cancel the coverage?YesNo
Can the insurer raise your rates without notifying you?YesNo
Can the insurance be transferred from one house or mortgage to another if you move?NoYes
Can the insurance be transferred with the mortgage from one bank to another?NoYes
Do you receive the insurance proceeds in cash so you decide how to deal with the mortgage?NoYes
Can you keep the insurance coverage after you pay off the mortgage?NoYes
Can you convert the coverage to a permanent type of insurance?NoYes
Do you remain insured if your mortgage payments are in arrears?NoYes
As you pay your mortgage, does the amount of your coverage decrease while premiumsstay the same?YesNo
Will there be money left behind for your family and dependents?NoYes
Are there any unforeseen reasons why the insurance would not pay out?YesNo