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We have several top-tier insurers that specialize in transportation accounts. While we provide very competitive terms for all aspects of transportation risks (Auto Fleet TPL and PD, Pollution, Ocean Cargo, H&M, etc) including insurer risk management services, we would like to focus today on Motor Truck Cargo Insurance.

The following will highlight our Motor Truck Cargo capabilities.

• Promptly issued Certificates of Insurance
• US Filings
• Hazardous and Theft-Target Commodities not a problem
• Refer Breakdown
• Non-Owned Trailers and Containers
• Own Trailers Physical Damage with Replacement Cost
• Rental Fee Reimbursement
• Trailer Interchange
• Contingent/Freight Forwarders
• Terminal coverage
• Warehouseman’s Legal
• Debris Removal
• Earned Freight
• On Board Electronics
• Other extensions
• All at Competitive rates

We would provide MTC application for your consideration (TSW). Call us at 604-408-8695

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