Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Pacific Blue Cross

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  • ** This insurance coverage is for Residents of British Columbia only
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  • Includes all benefits of the Single Trip plans, plus:
    Save time buying one plan for all trips in one year.
    Save money if you take two or more trips a year.

What coverage is available?

Our basic travel plan covers costs related to emergency medical care resulting form an accident or sudden illness. Additional coverage is also available for trip cancellation or interruption, air flight accident, emergency return, as well as baggage loss, delay or damage.

All of our plans include:

  • 24/7 access to a team of professionals to connect you with local resources.
  • Direct Pay—We will pay any providers directly.
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions—As long as your pre-existing condition meets a minimum stability period you can receive full protection.

Plan Highlights:

Basic Plan Coverage

Our base plan covers the following costs for emergency medical care to a maximum of 5 million dollars:

Emergency medical expenses:

This includes any hospital fees (for a private or semi-private room), nursing fees, drug costs, incidental hospital expenses (television, parking etc), the cost of medical appliances (crutches, canes, wheelchairs), physician and professional fees, diagnostic services (lab tests, xrays), and emergency dental care.

Repatriation costs:

In addition to paying for you to return to your province or residence to receive immediate medical attention*, we will arrange to have your vehicle returned, your pet returned and your baggage returned. Should an insured person pass away, we cover the cost of repatriating the deceased.

Medical Follow-up in Canada:

We cover select treatment costs following repatriation.

Ambulance and taxi fees:

We will pay for the cost to transport a sick or injured person to the nearest Hospital or accredited medical facility.

Transportation to visit the covered person:

We will cover the cost of round trip, economy class transportation for a family member or friend to visit a sick or injured person in hospital. We also cover the expenses of this visitor while he/she is staying close by up to $300 per day to a maximum of $1,200.

Subsistence allowance:

We will reimburse you up to $300/day to a maximum of $3000 for accommodation, meals, essential phone calls and transportation by taxi if your return is delayed due to illness or injury.

*Requires the authorization of the attending physician and CanAssistance.

Additional Coverage Options

You can add the following individual benefits to your plan or choose a package and save:

Trip Cancellation or Interruption:

We will reimburse your travel costs if your trip is cancelled before the planned departure or interrupted after your trip has begun.

Air Flight Accident:

We insure you if you lose your life or the use of a limb in an air flight accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment:

We insure you if you lose your life or the use of a limb in a non-air flight-related accident.

Emergency Return:

We will cover transportation expenses for you to return home and possibly back to the holiday destination in the event of an emergency.

Baggage loss, delay or damage:

We provide payment to cover the cost of lost baggage or the cost to purchase items while baggage is delayed.

This is not a policy. Actual terms and conditions are detailed in the policy issued by Pacific Blue Cross upon approval of application. Our policy will detail plan limitations and exclusions.

Call us if an emergency strikes

Medi-Assist is our 24/7 medical travel assistance line that will help you locate medical care, provide advisory services, refer you to interpreters, assist with transportation, contact relatives and more. It means you can focus on getting healthy and leave it to us to manage your care while in an unfamiliar environment.

Annual Premium - Age 60 and under

Basic Plan
Total days of trip Age 0 -34 Age 35 -60
15 Single $56 $64
Family $112 $128
30 Single $76 $88
Family $152 $176
60 Single $189 $189
Family n/a n/a
All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Please call or e-mail us for a quote if you are age 61 and over.

Health Declaration (Age 61 and over)
Package Plans may not require Health Declaration.

Pacific Blue Cross says:

10 Things to consider when choosing travel coverage

What is the difference between a Single Trip plan and Multiple Trip plan?

A Single Trip plan will provide insurance coverage for one trip. If you are planning to travel more than once per year, you can save money by purchasing a Multiple Trip plan.

Why should I purchase Multiple Trip plan instead of Single Trip plan?

If you take more than 2 trips per year, it may be less expensive to buy 1 Multiple Trip plan instead of 2 or more Single Trip plans. For example, if you are in the 0 - 34 age group, you take two 15-day trips in one year and if you purchase two Single Trip plans, it would cost you $86 for both plans. Alternatively, if you purchase one 15-day Multiple Trip plan, the cost would be $52. Plus you will be covered for any more trips (up to 15 days in length) taken within the year.

Which Multiple Trip Plan should I purchase?

Determine how long your average trip is going to be and buy a plan based on that length of trip. If necessary, you can extend some of your trips that are longer in duration.

Who should I contact in an Emergency?


Within Canada and the USA: 1 888 699–9333
For all other countries: 1 604 419-4487 collect

Important Notes

  • ** This insurance coverage is available only to British Columbia Residents covered by provincial government health insurance plan (GHIP) for the full period of coverage.
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  • ** This insurance coverage is for Residents of British Columbia only
  • Privacy Policy