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According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the number of foreign students coming to Canada to study is record breaking.

More International Students are Choosing Canada – Canada News Centre

In June 2014, new rules took effect regarding to study permit.  Visitors may apply for a study permit from within Canada under certain condition. The major changes are described below. Please go to the website of CIC for details.

Study Permit Application for Visitors


Visitors may not apply for a study permit from within Canada


Visitors may apply for a study permit from within Canada if they are at the pre-school, primary or secondary level, are on an academic exchange or a visiting student at a designated learning institution, or have completed a course or program of study that is a condition for acceptance at a designated learning institution.

Expiry of Study Permit


International students who have completed their studies but hold valid study permits can remain legally in Canada until the expiration of their study permit.


A study permit becomes invalid 90 days following the completion of studies unless the foreign national also possesses a valid work permit or another authorization to remain in Canada.

Post-Graduation Work Permit


Study permit holders are not authorized to work after the completion of their studies while awaiting approval of their Post-Graduation Work Permit


Eligible international graduates will be authorized to work full-time after their studies are completed until a decision is made on their application for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Students who stay less than 6 months

International students enrolling in courses in Canada that will last six months or less do not need a study permit. This is not changing. Students from countries whose citizens require a visitor visa will still need a valid visitor visa.

Source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Link: Notice – New regulations for international students finalized