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Plumbers insurance – No high rise building

With the latest renewal of our Lloyds contract, we are pleased to announce that we can now consider quoting the plumbing class. As this is a challenging class to write, we do want to highlight a number of eligibility criteria below: 


  • Minimum Premiums:
    • $1,000,000 – $2,500
    • $2,000,000  – $3,250
    • $5,000,000 to be can be considered
  • Receipts less than $1,000,000 + 10% leeway for those accounts slightly over
  • Minimum of 3 years in business
  • Clean accounts only, or accounts with max 1 claim in the past 3 years (not greater than $10k total incurred) to be referred to Underwriters
  • No work over 4 stories, no high-rise building work or work over 4 stories in a high rise building
  • No boiler work
  • No sprinkler work
  • Any works in institutional/industrial buildings (airports, hospitals, schools etc) can be considered
  • Ticketed plumbers only

Coverage – Limits:

  • Max. $2,000,000
  • Limits of up to $5,000,000 can be considered
  • Min. Ded: $2,500 bi/pd ded
  • Min. Ded: $5,000 bi/pd ded w/r/t Water Damage Claims for receipts under $500,000
  • Min. Ded: $10,000 bi/pd  ded w/r/t Water Damage Claims for receipts over $500,000

Subjectivities / Wording:

  • Standard Wordings to apply
  • Burning Welding Cutting conditions to apply
  • Sub-contractor conditions to apply in respect of any work subbed out
  • Total Pollution Exclusion
  • Wrap up liability Exclusion
  • US Exclusion
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Home Insurance Shoppers – Let us do it.

If you’re shopping for home insurance, condo insurance or tenant insurance, please let us do it for you. You can have the best possible coverage with very competitive price. That is different from dealing with an insurance agent representing one insurance company or an insurance broker that has contracts with a few insurance companies. We are representing about 10 insurance providers. No rush we take a time for you to find the best possible coverage.

  1. We have access to many different underwriters and quotes.
  2. We work for you as your insurance broker.
  3. You receive personal advice from us for your best interest not for insurance companies.
  4. You get individual attention from our brokers.
  5. We take time for you and understand your concerns.
  6. Our quotes are checked by our specialist not just the calculation system or AI.

Contact us for a quote!

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Commercial Surety Bonds – Alberta, BC and Ontario

Are you looking for surety bonds for following business? Then please contact us to meet your bond demand with competitive price.

A. Here are typical bonds under $50,000

  • Canada Customs
  • Excise – Brewers / Sprits and Tobacco
  • Electrical Contractors License Bond
  • Gas Contractors License Bond
  • Prepaid Contractor Bond
  • Foreign Immigration and Employment Agency
  • Driver Training School
  • Travel Agents Bond BC
  • Direct Sellers
  • Consumer Protection – Collection Agency
  • Consumer Protection – Debt Repayment
  • Real Estate Agent / Broker Bond
  • City Trade Bonds – MB
  • Private Investigators and Security Guards
  • ATA Carnet
  • Auctioneer
  • AMVIC Consignment & Wholesale Bonds – AB
  • Home Inspectors (include a copy of E&O Policy)
  • Insurance Adjusters / Brokers
  • Penal Bond (Other)

B. Fiduciary Bond

  • Administration, Foreign Executors Bonds
  • Guardianship Bonds / Committee Bonds

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Daycare insurance and student rental home insurance


  • Bespoke wording – providing Property, CGL, with Abuse and E&O offered for most facilities and risks.
  • As low as $350 for Home Based Daycares, Min $500 for Licensed facilities.
  • Stand-alone, no requirement for supporting policies.

Student Rental Home or House :

  • Available on instant quotes + policy issuance through an online system
  • Various discounts available – occupied by owner’s child or multi- locations
  • Broad Form, Replacement Cost often available
  • $1 or $2 Million Liability
  • Optional coverage for rental income
  • Financing available

Call us for details.

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Vacant properties insurance

Vacant properties insurance

Buildings and land lots are vacant for many different reasons, whether it be a spec home or commercial properties not yet leased. Bridge International Insurance services has an industry leading vacant program for a wide variety of vacant properties.

BIIS will offer 3 or 6 month policy terms with the option to renew. Buildings under renovations or constructions are also considered.

We consider to provide coverage to:

  • Spec Homes
  • Dwelling and commercial properties
  • High value risks
  • Vacant condominiums
  • Dwelling held in a corporate name
  • Properties in unprotected area
  • Miscellaneous vacancies
  • Buildings and homes for sale
  • Vacant lots