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Optometrist Insurance

Optometrist insurance can be opted out. Now you can choose own coverage. Many optometrists opted out from being a member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists or BC Doctors of Optometry.  This has been since 2010 where membership became optional.

Optometrists do have lots of tasks and stresses. You may cause professional errors and omissions.  In order to practice the professional business, the medical malpractice or professional liability insurance is required by your regulatory College.

Each Optometrist has own optometrist insurance need.  One is an independent contractor, one is an employee of the company or the business, and another one is a business owner of the organization. If you have own or rent premises for your practice, you may need commercial general liability insurance on top of the optometrist professional liability insurance, as well as property coverage, and cyber security and privacy liability coverage. 

The exclusive association plans have lots of bells and whistles but you cannot take the optometrist insurance only. Would you need to pay for other association benefits and perks? Would you agree with life that should be simple?

We offer BC optometrists insurance plan for those who opted out from the Canadian association optometrists plan that is for BC Doctors of optometry members.  You have three options to choose from. The lowest premium starts from $500 annual with $2 million coverage. The premium mainly depends on your business experience, claim history, annual receipts and other factors. The highest coverage limit is $5,000,000. You can set the coverage with the retroactive date when you had coverage with the first professional liability insurance policy.

Optometrist insurance BC

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