Bridges International can help you make wise decisions as best as we can. As an independent insurance broker, we can shop a number of insurance companies on your behalf.

We work hard to get you proper coverage with competitive price. We constantly improve ourselves to serve you better to meet your insurance needs. Ask us any questions, we would be happy to answer you. Here is overview of insurance that we are specialized in.

Condominium Owner Insurance

As we are located in the middle of downtown Toronto and Vancouver, we know everything about Condo Insurance. Our accumulation knowledge on Condominium owner insurance can be applied to any condominiums in BC and Ontario. Wide varieties of condominium owner insurance packages are offered at our office. High-end super deluxe coverage is available for high valued contents condominium owners. learn more

Tenant Insurance

When you rent an apartment or house, you are responsible for property damage of others. You could be sued, if you are found negligent for starting a fire or water leakage in your rented unit. Your landlord may ask you to have tenant insurance based on the lease or tenancy agreement. We are ready to offer tenant insurance packages all at a competitive price. learn more

Homeowner (detached house) Insurance

Your personal assets and the building should be protected from numerous perils and lawsuits. Your building value (replacement cost) increases every year. Sometimes it costs more than $200 per square foot these days. We calculate your home’s replacement cost value and offer competitive homeowner package. Your mortgagee requires homeowner insurance as loss payee. We issue the insurance binder in a timely manner. learn more

Rental Property Insurance

Insurance coverage is for protecting rental and investment properties anywhere in BC and Ontario. learn more

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Personal Umbrella Liability Policy provides an extra layer of liability insurance. Our society is more and more litigious. You need to protect your tangible and intangible assets from unexpected lawsuits. learn more

Ontario Auto Car Insurance

Auto Car insurance in Ontario is most expensive amongst Canadian provinces. It is not easy task to shop good and inexpensive car insurance. Please let us work for you. The coverage and limits are always issued compared with premium. We will do our best to find best coverage. learn more

Boat Insurance

We are insurance brokers for your boat in BC and Ontario. Our partners are Intact, Aviva and Premier Marine that are one of the best boat insurance providers. Let us help you protect your high valued assets. learn more

Deductible (Reimbursement) Insurance

An accident can occur at any moment, and weather-related insurance claims are becoming more common in this age of climate change and global warming. If you have to file an insurance claim, unfortunately, there is always a deductible to pay. learn more