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We provide Errors and Omissions insurance (Professional Liability insurance) in British Columbia, Canada.

Esurance™ C&P provides broad cover for a wide variety of risks resulting from the use of technology within business. Features include:

• Cover for your civil liability resulting from data breaches
• Contractual fines coverage, including credit card company fines, arising from privacy breaches
• Cover for your own costs to notify individuals in the event of a privacy breach where required by law and the cost of actions taken to mitigate a larger liability claim
• System repair and restoration cover in the event of accidental
damage to data, including a computer virus or hack attack
• Cover for your lost revenue arising from system downtime
after a computer virus or hack attack
• Electronic fraud coverage
• Cover for your liability arising from a breach of statutory ecommerce
• Media liability cover for electronic content, including intellectual

Sole Practitioners

Hardware Manufacturers

Hardware Resellers

Software Programmers

Financial software programmers

Security Consultants

Telecom software Programmers

Network Installation / maintenance companies

ASP (Application Service Providers)

Telecom software programmers

IT Project Management

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Companies

Software Resellers

Packaged software companies

IT Outsourcing companies

Systems providers

General software programmers

Games software programmers

Web Site designers

If you are serious about protection, call Ariel or Kathy at 604-408-8695, Toll free 1-888-267-4461 or Email us your company name/contact person and phone number, brief detail about your work and best time to call you.