Restaurant insurance protects your business from the losses caused by many hazards and perils. We work with BC restaurants.

Why would you need Restaurant and Cafe Insurance?

The landlords of the business premises are demanding and do not rent out without insurance. The conditions of insurance limits and coverage are getting higher and the cost is increasing due to the hard insurance market conditions. We find a best insurance provider as an insurance professional. As a member of a large insurance brokers group, we are capable to provide coverage for any types restaurants and cafes.

  • Coverage
  • Limits
  • Cost

Let us help you for your new business in food industry or the renewal of your current restaurant insurance.

What does Restaurant and Cafe Insurance cover?

Can you imagine your business without insurance? what would you do? if you were sued by unsatisfied customers or if you or your employees cause a fire.

Restaurant and Cafe Insurance provides protection to:

  • Equipment and stocks
  • Business income
  • Betterments and improvement
  • Various liability, such as commercial general liability host liquor liability and more
  • Tenant legal liability
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Crime caused by employees

What is important for food services industry?

Hospitality industries, such as food services and restaurants sometimes cause of mishap such as fire or mistakes while cooking. The loss cannot be recovered without restaurant insurance. We do risk assessment of your business and provide best coverage with a competitive edge. The insurance package for the industry is unique and our specialists help how you can minimize the risk with most cost effective way.

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