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Who knows what can happen during a trip? Mature travelers care about their health and realize the importance of making intelligent travel insurance decisions.

Most retirees and mature Canadians begin planning their vacations for the coming year in the summer. That’s why this is a good time to remind your customers about one of our most popular products: Emergency Hospital & Medical For Canadians.

Emergency Hospital & Medical insurance is the smart choice for traveling Canadians who want financial protection. Travellers receive $2 million coverage for hospital confinement and medical services. Benefits include Ambulance Services, Meals and Accommodation, Prescription Medication and more.

Many 55+ travellers don’t realize the need for additional coverage. Provincial health care plans only cover a fraction of the costs of hospital or doctor fees in other countries.

But travelers receive more than just financial coverage when they buy travel insurance. They also get support and service from TIC’s travel assistance team – like recommendations for non-medical emergencies, help in accessing needed resources and help coordinating communication between medical professional and family.

Mature travelers will also appreciate the added protection and enhanced benefits of TIC’s All-inclusive Package Plan. They receive $2 million coverage for hospital confinement and medical services plus additional coverage for Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and more.

For further details about TIC’s Emergency Hospital & Medical travel insurance, visit https://www.biis.ca/e/travel.html

Written by TIC Talk