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Be culturally correct in your dress

The best way for a thief to pick you out of a crowd is by what you’re wearing. If you’re dressed like a local,  a pickpocket will not necessarily choose you first. He won’t be sure if you actually live in the area and are therefore up to his tricks, or are an unsuspecting visitor. More often he’ll target a female who does not seem to fit in. 
Expensive jewelry belongs at home
Better leave all your jewels at home. Wear an inexpensive, utilitarian watch, something that will go unnoticed. Try dressing up your hair or wear simple clothing.
Your wallet is not really your wallet
Keep your money and important documents in a cotton money belt worn close to your body. Never fight with anybody who demands your wallet. Having your fake in your purse to hand over is a very smart move.
Making connections, discouraging connections
When on holiday, leave those formal business cards behind. Instead, carry colorful postcards from home. There is no need to give a stranger your home address or phone number. Instead, a Hotmail or Gmail address is perfect for testing out new relationships.
Tell strangers you are a policewoman on vacation
When strangers ask you what you do for a living and you’re not sure if they can be trusted, tell them you’re a policewoman on holiday. They’ll quickly find some other traveler to prey on.


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