Tattoo insurance
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Tattoo and Piercing Artists offering treatments:

Tattoo and Piercing insurance

Tattoo and Piercing insurance is available for tattoo artists in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, and other towns and cities in BC, Alberta and Ontario. Are you a tattooist looking for insurance coverage? Let us handle it for you. We shop a most suitable coverage from our large tattoo insurance markets.

You provide following tattoo treatments with tattoo and piercing insurance

  • Camouflage Tattoo
  • Permanent Cosmetics
  • Minors
  • Tattoo Removal & Lightening by Laser
  • Surface Anchoring
  • Surface Piercing

Coverage Features for tattoo and piercing insurance:

  • Full Package or Liability only available
  • Professional Liability with sub limits for:
    – Communicable Disease (Maybe)
    – Abuse Coverage
    – Privacy Failure Expense
    – Loss of Documents

Composite Liability Package includes:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Professional Liability

If you need property coverage, followings can be included:

  • Property
  • Crime
  • Business Income
  • Equipment Breakdown
So many different type of tattoo and piercing insurance are available but we try to customize the coverage as per your needs.

Tattoos and piercings are now considered a part of fashion. However, despite their increasing popularity, some people still feel uncomfortable with them. The question arises: Are they comparable to dying or perming hair? Many individuals perceive them as harmful to the body, giving the impression of self-inflicted damage. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that each person has their own unique reasons for getting a tattoo or piercing. Some individuals opt to honor a deceased family member, while others choose to commemorate a significant life event or occasion. On the other hand, some individuals simply choose to get a tattoo or piercing “just because!”

Firstly in the process of getting a tattoo or piercing, a professional artist will invest time in getting to know their client. Secondly this personal interaction helps guide them towards the best tattoo or piercing possible. Furthermore, tattoo and piercing insurance plays a crucial role in protecting these artists. Unlike hair, which can grow back or be restyled easily, a tattoo or piercing is a permanent decision. Thus, it becomes paramount for the artist to engage in conversations with the client, understanding their reasons and getting to know them on a personal level. Thus this approach not only benefits the client but also helps in securing Tattoo and Piercing insurance.

Regardless of the motivation behind tattoos and piercings, therefore it is essential to respect and acknowledge them as personal choices. Everyone should deserve to have their choices honored and respected.

Please contact Bridges International Insurance Services for inquiry about tattoo and piercing insurance.