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The Disneyland Measles Outbreak reminded parents to vaccinate their children. But getting vaccine is not perfect. There’s still a good chance to become ill. And, if it happens while your travel abroad, what do you do?  

HCC Medical Insurance website reveals a real story about a traveller who became ill in Bangkok, Thailand.
“The traveller was travelling overseas when he was bitten by an insect and developed an infection leading to multilobar pneumonia and exudative tonsillitis. His illness required 11 days in a Bangkok hospital. Unfortunately the language barrier made diagnosing him difficult and hospital employees regularly brought him bills and demanded cash payment. HCCMIS was able to arrange direct payment with the hospital, providing our member peace of mind about his mounting medical expenses.”

“The total expenses was $12,149.37. Without insurance, the traveller had to face this big bill.
With Atlas Travel Coverage (HCC Medical Insurance Service Plan), the traveller paid $568.78(*)”

Some travelers, especially those whose destination is other than U.S., seek lower coverage. They assume medical bills shouldn’t be expensive down there. Really? You’ll never know how much the bill will be until you face it. Protect yourself well enough with travel insurance and enjoy your trip!

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To apply HCC https://www.biis.ca/global-expatriate-insurance/hccmis.php

Source: HCC Medical Insurance Service

(*)deductible: $500, Policy maximum: 1 million, Coinsurance: waived for claim outside US or Canada, Premium: $68.78/60 days coverage