Umbrella Liability Insurance

Umbrella Liability Insurance is ideal for those who want to reduce further risk.

Moreover, you already have insurance for the everyday—your home, car, cottage and boat. But there’s more to your everyday: your quality of life, assets and reputation. Having a claim is not the time to find there are gaps in your insurance. In addition, Think Umbrella Liability Coverage. It provides an extra layer of protection to you and your family. It protects your quality of life, your assets and your hard-earned reputation.

What is an Umbrella Liability Insurance?

Umbrella Liability is separate insurance that suits your various other insurance policies (Home, Cottage, Automobile, Motorcycle, Boat, etc.)

It provides an extra coverage of personal liability. Furthermore, it comes into play when your limit on your main policies (home, auto, etc.) runs out. An umbrella policy also has the ability to drop down and over you when your primary policy might have an exclusion.

Why do I need another insurance?

The size of court awards has increased, and lawsuits are more frequent than ever before. Defendants are often finding that their primary policy limit is simply not enough, particularly if you:

  • Have teenage drivers in your home
  • Volunteer or sit on a not-for-profit organization’s board
  • Travel outside of Canada, or own property in the USA
  • Own a home, rental property or cottage
  • Own a boat or recreational vehicle
  • Own pets

These individuals are encouraged to purchase Umbrella Liability Insurance.
Additionally, make sure you protect everything you have worked so hard for!

Umbrella Policy features

Coverage Limits and Flexibility of Umbrella Liability Insurance

  • Up to $10,000,000 limit available
  • Stand-alone policy, as long as the underlying policies are underwritten by licensed insurers
  • No requirement to schedule underlying policy numbers and expiry dates

Extensive Protection Features of the insurance

  • Worldwide protection
  • Unlimited Legal Defense Costs
  • Protection for locations, vehicles and watercraft in Canada or USA
  • Ability to ‘drop down’ to $500,000 for locations in USA
  • Extra coverage such as Personal Injury coverage including libel, slander, defamation, non-profit Directors and Officers coverage and more
  • No deductible

Umbrella Liability Insurance Coverage is ideal for:

  • Home or Condominium owners
  • Owners of cottages, rental properties, boats and snowmobiles
  • Well-established individuals
  • People who are active in their communities
  • Volunteers for school field trips or outing with their grandchildren or children’s friends
  • Carpool
  • Travel
  • Volunteers or directors of non-profit organization

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