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Did you know that students are rarely eligible for local health plans when studying outside of Canada? With that in mind, it’s really important to get coverage before you go, if you’re heading abroad to study.
Student travel medical insurance is generally applicable to students aged 40 and under, since they typically need more non-emergency medical care, like eye exams, annual check-ups, and even maternity care. Students abroad may need more follow up visits too, after an emergency as they remain in school, instead of returning home for treatment.

For example, Travel Underwriters’ Student Medical Insurance offers emergency coverage for doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist visits. Dental issues can also be unexpected and expensive! Luckily, dental coverage is available for accidents, dental pain and impacted wisdom teeth.

Student Medical Insurance – Benefits Specific to Travel Underwriters

  • Tutorial services, in the event of hospitalization for 30 consecutive days or more.
  • When you’re enrolled in school and have valid insurance, you’re covered during school breaks.
  • You can head home to Canada for temporary visits and your insurance won’t terminate. However, while you’re back in Canada, you won’t be covered if something happens. Provincial health coverage should cover you while you’re home.
  • We’ll cover you if you’re on vacation anywhere other than Canada.
  • Family members can be covered under your Student Medical Insurance too, as long as you’re enrolled in school! To be eligible, they must be:
    • 40 years and under
    • Your spouse or immediate family
    • Dependent children who live with you. A dependent child is up to 21 years old, 25 years old if a full time student, or a physically or mentally handicapped child of any age.

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What Happens if Your Student Visa Gets Denied

With Travel Underwriters’ Student Medical Insurance, a full refund of your travel insurance is available if your student visa is denied, or if you arrive to the country of study but you are denied entry. All you have to do is submit your refund requests to us within 45 days from the effective date.

Not Covered by Travel Underwriters’ Student Medical Insurance

Student Medical Insurance comes in handy, but you also need to know what’s not covered. Here are a few exclusions to note, but be sure to check the policy wording:

  • Pre-existing conditions (current health conditions) unless conditions have been stable for 90 days before the effective date.
  • Claims caused by your consumption or abuse of alcohol, drugs or medication, or any event, act or omission caused by the use of the above.
  • If you’re a professional athlete, and something happens to you while you’re playing the sport.
  • If you engage in high risk activities such as motorized sporting events, racing or speed contests, you won’t be covered if something happens to you.

Regardless of the coverage you decide to buy before your adventures abroad, speak to an insurance expert and review your policy wording; pay attention to the exclusions, limitations, and conditions specified in your policy.
I hope this information gives you a better understanding of student travel insurance. I’ve used our Student Medical Insurance as an example, since we can’t speak to other policies on the market, but the information provided should help you know what to look for in a good student travel insurance policy.
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