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Vancouver, B.C. –May 2,2007 ~The World Economic Forum recently ranked Canada as one of the top ten best nations to visit. Their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index gave us high scores for transportation infrastructure, health and education.

For the 35 million visitors who come here every year, Canada’s a great place to spend time. Visitors on holiday inCanada experience our pristine natural beauty, vibrant cities and welcoming Canadian attitude.

The one thing we don’t have for tourists is free medical care. Visitors to Canada, should they get sick or injured, pay costs out of their own pockets –and Canadian medical costs are extremely expensive. “We’ve seen Canadian hospitals charge non~residents $4,300 a day for treatment inthe intensive care unit,”said Cecile Langlois, national director of claims and travel assistance for TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd.

That’s why Citizenship and Immigration Canada recommends that all visitors get emergency health and medical insurance. TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd. sells Visitor to Canada Emergency Hospital & Medical insurance, so visitors can be better prepared for bad luck.

TIC’s Visitors to Canada Emergency Hospital & Medical insurance ~Basic Plan covers up to $150,000 for hospital confinement and medical services and includes benefits like Emergency Transportation, Accidental Dental and Prescription Medication.

The SelectPlanoffers additional benefits including $25,000 accidental death and dismemberment, $3,000 toward transportation of a relative or friend and $500 toward an attendant.

As summer approaches and millions of visitors begin soaking up the sights and sounds of Canada through bus tours, car trips or general sight~seeing excursions, travel insurance becomes more important than ever.

To learnmore about travel insurance or for a complete list of TIC’s travel insurance products, visit Visitors to Canada Insurance