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As a visitor, you may not have provincial health care coverage.  Or you might have it, since some provinces allow visitors to apply for provincial health care if they meet specific conditions.  Whether covered or not, it is always good to know what it is.

It is well known that prescribed drugs and dentistry are not covered by Government Health Insurance Plan(GHIP). But there’s more exclusion. The following is a summary of an article from CBC website.


1) Ambulance Fees

– Most provinces charge a user fee of $45 to more than $500.
– Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador also charge a user fee for transportation between hospitals.

2) Hospital Parking

– It can be expensive for patients who need regular treatment such as chemotherapy or dialysis.
Parking fees are a major revenue source for many hospitals, and the rates have been rising across the country.

3) Crutches, wheelchairs

– Crutches, casts,canes can cost you.
Wheelchairs, walkers and hearing aids are also not covered, though some provinces have programs to help offset the costs.

4) Paperwork

– Getting those from doctors are not covered: Medical files, prescription refills, insurance or disability forms, or medical notes for school or work.

5) Medically Unnecessary procedures

– Wart removal (which can cost you $50 or more) 
– Treatment of varicose veins
– Infant circumcision (which typically costs between $200 and $500). 
– In some provinces, an annual physical exam is not covered. 
– Cosmetic procedures– Vaccinations needed for travel.

Source:CBC website

The system of putting ambulance fee on patients’ shoulders may sound weird to visitors whose home country offers free ambulance ride for sick people. Actually, the article on CBC website points out its downside; “ A Marketplacesurvey found that 42 per cent of Canadians say they might delay calling an ambulance because of the cost.” 
Even Canadians with GHIP hesitate. Visitors without GHIP may not be able to call for an ambulance; The price will be hundreds of dollars. 
No worries. Many insurance companies offer Visitors Plan with emergency transportation benefit.  Also essential medical appliances are often covered. Haven’t applied yet? Call us and we can help you!

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