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Summer holidays are almost over and we’re all in the process of gearing up for Fall. As the weather changes, Canadians plan different vacations. With fewer family travellers, Snowbirds become key consumers over the next few months.

Talking with this group tends to be more involved, as the large majority of Snowbirds require the completion of a health questionnaire, and many have pre-existing medical conditions. Bridges International is dedicated to making travel insurance easy for you and purchasing travel insurance easy for the clients. So whether it’s a family of four or a couple in their 60’s, it’s easy with Bridges International.

Our system enables a quick and easy application process, saving both your valuable time. We provide all the information and support you need, so having our policies is a smooth procedure. Clients under 60 don’t have to answer medical questions during the application process. Clients over 60 fill out a simple medical health questionnaire to determine rate, not eligibility

Make Bridges International your partner of choice. After all, not all plans are created equal!

Aside from our comprehensive products, our partners bring over 45 years experience and expertise specializing exclusively in travel insurance. As your travel insurance coordinator, we would be more than pleased to assist you in any way possible. We look forward to helping you travel with ease and peace of mind.