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As a travel insurance expert, we never miss an opportunity to tell you how important travel insurance is for trips to the US and beyond. But we wonder if you know that the same applies when you are planning to travel within Canada?

If it’s not every time, now is a great time to start or to get back into the habit. We would like to remind you following, so that you can make informed choices your protection needs:

  • Healthcare in Canada is expensive.
  • Even if you’re a Canadian, once you step outside of your province or territory, your government plan coverage is limited.
  • If you were to need emergency medical attention, treatment can be expensive, and you need to be prepared with the funds to cover it.
  • Emergency hospital and medical benefits can help pay for an unexpected visit to the doctor.
  • Plus, it’s a lot easier to fit into your travel budget than the associate medical bills.
  • Let me ask you a few more questions to help find the right plan for you.