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Sampling exotic cuisine and experiencing new cultures is half the fun of vacationing abroad! But when a country’s customs and laws are unfamiliar, it’s easy for travellers to make mistakes. In a foreign country, a little blunder can turn into a big legal nightmare! Luckily, Travel Underwriters’ international assistance services, including a unique 24/7 legal referral hotline, can help our customers if they find themselves in such a bind.

These real life examples show the benefits:

After buying a mask worth less than $7 Canadian dollars at a local market in Turkey, a woman was arrested while boarding her cruise ship. She had unwittingly purchased an antiquity, which is illegal in Turkey. In this case, who would she turn to for help? With a different legal system and a language barrier, the woman could have been in big trouble. But thanks to the referral service offered, the woman was able to get local legal counsel quickly to resolve the matter.

An elderly couple was given a speeding ticket while driving through Oregon, on their way to Arizona. Little did they know that state law required them to appear in court, even just to pay the ticket. Not only did the legal hotline advise them on the legal issue, but they also worked with the court to pay the fine without the couple needing to go to court.

How does the legal hotline work?

If our clients end up in a legal situation, Travel Underwriters will refer them to the 24-hour legal hotline, ensuring they have someone in their corner when they need it most, even in non-medical emergencies! 
Please do some research on some of the local customs and norms before you go.

For a list of other international assistance services, provided by Travel Underwriters, see the last page of your policy wording.

Hope this helps.

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