Each office or retail operation has specific risks that should be transferred out through office and retail insurance.  Whether you are an owner or lessee of the premises, you have specific protection need from perils or litigations that you may imagine or those beyond your imagination.

That is why we have a wide range of office and retail insurance products that fit with your office needs or retail operations. Whether you provide goods or services, at store front or online, we find the best coverage to manage your risk.

Designated premises only commercial general liability, or owners, landlords and tenants liability are available in order to save your cost.

office and retail insurance

Liability *

It depends of your operation, if broad coverage could be provided or just premised only liability would be provided. Owners’ Landlords and Tenants Liability insurance could be available. In these days, $2 million coverage is the minimum standard.

Business properties *

In addition to liability insurance, property coverage would be required. Business properties are your equipment, betterments and improvements, stocks, buildings and others.

Loss of Business Income

When you lose the use of your business space, you suffer an additional loss of your business income. Repairs or replacement to your property or space takes some time to recover the business income. Your loss of business income would be covered if your properties were damaged by an insured peril.

Crime coverage

You may consider protecting your money from crime. It could be by a hold-up, theft or dishonesty committed by your employees.

Additional Protection*

Usually Medical payment and Tenants’ legal liability would be included with office and retail insurance.


  • Various higher deductibles. Loss history
  • Experience
  • Location

*Subject to the provisions, conditions, definitions, limitations and exclusions as described in the policy wordings.

Insurance Broking

As a member of the largest independent insurance broker group, we represent major respective insurance companies in Canada. We will find best coverage with competitive edge. Please let us know what your needs are. We are happy to assist you to meet your needs.

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